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Getting Here

Situated in the very heart of the beautifully scenic Inside Passage, along the Wrangell Narrows, Petersburg is accessible by the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System and enjoys Alaska Airlines jet service twice daily.
Not much time? Consider the jet service. Costs for jet and ferry are comparable, especially if you bring a vehicle or rent a stateroom on the ferry. By jet you can leave Seattle at breakfast and be here for lunch. Leave Seattle just before noon and you can have an early dinner in Petersburg. An added plus for the jet option is that Alaska Airlines has some of the greatest pilots in the business!
Have lots of time and/or like a more leisurely pace? The Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System could be just your cup of tea. Departing from Bellingham WA or Prince Rupert BC from the south, the famous "blue canoe" slowly meanders north, arriving in Petersburg approximately 2 days later (17 hours from Prince Rupert). Your trip along the famous Inside Passage will provide spectacular viewing and photography opportunities; lots of time to visit with people, read, or just sleep. Several opportunities to explore other Alaskan communities will also be available as the ferry makes its various port-of-call stops.
ps . . . Did we tell you that Nordic House is only 3 short blocks from the ferry terminal and a short 5 minutes by car from the airport? Your hosts are ready to accommodate your travel schedule; even those middle-of-the night ferry stops!