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Transportation Possibilities

Situated at the heart of the scenic Inside Passage along the Wrangell Narrows, Petersburg is accessible Alaska Airlines and by the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System. The costs are comparable, so which one you choose depends on how much time you have to enjoy the area.

Alaska Airlines flies in from Seattle twice a day, morning and noon. You can leave Seattle at breakfast, and be here for lunch. Or leave Seattle just before noon, and have an early dinner in Petersburg. An added plus for the jet option is that Alaska Airlines has some of the greatest pilots in the business!

For a more leisurely paced trip, try the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System. Depart from Bellingham, Washington, and you'll arrive in Petersburg a couple of days later. The trip takes you along the Inside Passage, and provides spectacular opportunities for viewing and photography. In addition, you have time to read, relax, and just visit with other travelers. Several opportunities to explore other Alaskan communities will also be available as the ferry makes its various port-of-call stops.

Don't forget: Nordic House is only three blocks from the ferry terminal and five minutes by car from the airport. And we're more than happy to do transfers to, and from, the ferry and the airport. Even those middle-of-the-night ferry stops.

Contact us if you need more information. We'll be glad to help.